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Stripper Pole Dance

Stripper Pole Dance

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Product information:

1. All metal constructed, 45mm diameter pole, can be extended from 2.235-2.745m.

2. High grade electroplated chrome finish.

3. Screw together tube high precision joints(almost seamless) for maximum strength, stability and smoothness.

4. Double width pole support dome, spreads the load/pressure evenly on the ceiling, can loading maximum weight 200kg.

5. Fully removable, Portable, 14.5kgs in net weight.

6. Could be stationary or spinning,only tighen or untighen the botton screws.

Package included:

2*Main pole

1*125mm extend pole

1*250mm extend pole

1*Adjustable cover

1*Bottom base

1*Upper dome

1 set install tools


Stable Bottom Base

When you are doing a rotation action, the steel solid and stable bottom base can help you to avoid the pole shaking.

Threaded Tube

The hollow and regular threaded interface can not only perfectly connect with the solid interface, but also avoid the noise when the pipe is connected.

Tube Diameter

The tube with a 45mm diameter, which can let you hold it more closely, and easily control the force between the hand and the steel pipe.

Spinning & Static Mode

Our adjustable dancing pole has Spinning and Static Mode, you just need to insert the tool into the hole and untwist the screw at the bottom for it to spin.

PRIOR FITNESS Spinning & Static Dancing Pole kit

How to choose the dance pole according to your ceiling height?

Our dance pole can meet 4 different ceiling heights from 2235-745mm, as picture shown in (1),(2),(3),(4).

If your ceiling height is over than 108 inches(2745mm), please according to the above pole height to purchase an extra extension pole. We have 125mm,250mm,500mm,1000mm, thress sizes available for sale in our store

Removable Dance Pole is great for gyms, yoga rooms, bars, clubs, or your home

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